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Ideal help in holiday home horror

Posted on 14th December 2011

When the Ideal Group received a call from a very distressed holiday home owner recently, we did what we always do and reassured the caller that, as specialists in cannabis factory decontamination and cleaning, they had called the right company to immediately repair the wrecked property.

The call came from an unsuspecting gentleman whose livelihood, his holiday home property, had been used as an illegal cannabis farm. The property, a large extended barn conversion, had recently been renovated to a very high standard and, understandably, the owner wanted it restored to its former glory as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Ideal Group stepped in to remove all traces of the nefarious activity that had been taking place in literally every part of the property, including the Jacuzzi bath.

As soon as the Police Scene of Crime Officers had gathered all the evidence they needed from the barn, they gave us clearance to send in a team of technicians to decontaminate the site and remove all traces of the drugs and their residues. The clean up operation also included repairs to walls and floors and the removal of soil and plastic sheeting, used in the drug growing process.

Carpets, where fitted, were deep cleaned using a hot water extraction system. Where they weren’t salvageable The Ideal Group arranged their disposal.

All bathrooms and toilets were deep-cleaned and sanitised in a process that included the removal of soil in the Jacuzzi bath.

The skill set of The Ideal Group is such that, at a time when a property owner is experiencing the trauma of learning that their property had been used in such a devastating way, we work quickly, efficiently and to an extremely high standard to repair that property.


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