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Gordon Ramsay’s neighbours call for graffiti removal

Posted on 18th November 2011

Gordon Ramsay’s neighbours call for graffiti removal

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay may back calls for graffiti removal after offensive words about the star were spray painted on a wall near his home in London.

The Sun has suggested that the culprit could be American as one of the offensive terms was of US origin.

Ramsay’s neighbours, who have now asked the local council to carry out graffiti removal, think the vandal got the address wrong and that is why the spray painted phrases are not directly outside of the star’s property.

A source told the newspaper: "Sure he dishes out foul language, but it’s to people’s faces and they have every opportunity to shout back."

They added that Ramsay will be furious when he returns home from business elsewhere to find the graffiti.

Elsewhere, Norwich City Council has been called on to carry out graffiti removal at a local park, as children are thought to be learning bad language from the vandalism.

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